Where do you deliver and how?

A large area of the city is served by bicycle couriers (at this link the full area coverage). By entering your postcode, you will have a complete view of the products available

When is my order arriving?

For all orders before 2PM delivery is for the next day. You can select alternative delivery date (you can plan the delivery up to 2 weeks in advance!) and choose between the available time slots depending on the postcode (e.g. for towns outside Milan, the only slot is 8AM – 9:30AM). The time slots are wide so to allow couriers to respect the times of all deliveries. We are working to tighten its width more and more but we are currently unable to provide you with an exact arrival time, nor is it possible to accommodate a mandatory time at which to deliver but we will always guarantee delivery within the selected range.

What happens if you don’t find the recipient on delivery?

We will contact the number you provided when ordering. If we are unable to get in touch or find the receiver, the delivery will be cancelled and you will need to place a new order.

The life of our products does not allow a second delivery. This is why it is very important to enter all the correct information when placing the order.

I would like to make a gift.

You can make a gift by delivering our products directly to the address of the lucky one.
You will need to tick the “it’s a gift” option when checking out. This will also allow you to add a gift phrase that will be printed and attached to the package. We remind you once again that all information relating to addresses and telephone numbers are essential to respect delivery and guarantee the surprise effect! And no, the recipient will not know the amount of your transaction (we will insert inside the package a courtesy receipt valid for tax purposes but without prices)

I did not receive confirmation of my order, why?

The system automatically generates an order confirmation email at the time of the transaction. Always check in the spam folder of your e-mail account. If you don’t find it there, send us a line and we will be happy to confirm that everything is ok!


How can I pay? What methods of payment are accepted?

You can make payments with Satispay, Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. It is not be possible to pay cash directly to the courier.

Can I get an invoice?

When ordering you can request an invoice, we will need all your full data to raise one.


I have to change the time slot, the delivery date and / or the delivery address: what can I do?

Following to the order, you will receive an email with the shipment confirmation and the chosen time slot. Check carefully if all the data are correct. Contact us, via the form you find in your customer area or drop an email to [email protected], for any changes.
We remind you that we will no longer be able to accept order changes after 2PM for deliveries scheduled the next day. If you want to change the delivery address, remember that the new address must also fall within the area covered by the service.

Can I change the message in my gift order?

Yes, this is also a change that can be made by email, following the indications and the timing of the previous question.

Can I cancel my order?

Sure thing! Please write to us via the form you find in your customer area or by writing to [email protected] to request a full refund of the order. Just remember that if the order is delivered for the next day, it will no longer be possible to cancel the order after 2PM.


My package has arrived but products are missing: what can I do?

As some shipments may include several packages, the courier could have forgotten to leave one (or more) packages behind. Contact us via the form you find in your customer area or by writing to [email protected], we will immediately return the courier to your destination with the missing lot. If, on the other hand, we forgot to put a product in your bag, write to us, we will find with you the best solution to solve the problem and make up for the error. Sorry!!!

Damaged products: what can I do?

Contact us through the form you find in your customer area or by writing to [email protected] attaching a photograph that allows us to understand what happened: we will find the best solution to make it up for you!



Via Felice Casati 27, Milano
+39 02 94392259
[email protected]

lun/dom 8.30am/12.00pm


Via della Commenda 25, Milano
+39 02 83630074
[email protected]

lun/ven 7.30am/3.30pm
sabato 8.00am/3.30pm
domenica chiuso

Gelati & Granite


Via Cesare Battisti 21, Milano
+39 02 94383619
[email protected]

lun/dom 12.00pm/8.30pm



Via Felice Casati 24, Milano
+39 02 49694684
[email protected]

dom/giov 5.30pm/00.30am
ven/sab 5.30pm/01.30am

We're happy if you arrive by bicycle.

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